Türker İNANOĞLU - Establishments

TURVAK – Turker Inanoglu Foundation

Turker Inanoglu turned his “protect both tradition and future” perspective into a lifestyle. He established TURVAK – Turker Inanoglu Foundation in 1997 in order to preserve and eternize his works representing his lifetime endeavors. He thus hoped to form a repository of knowledge and experience enabling social, educational and cultural studies as well as civil society initiatives with all kinds of sectoral support, assistance and contribution. TURVAK’s initial headquarters was a 12-story modern building in Kavacik, Istanbul.

Inanoglu assigned to TURVAK all of his cinema and television works he produced during more than a half-century since 1960. TURVAK’s first important and meaningful project was to build a 16-classroom elementary school and a teacherage in Beykoz, Istanbul.

Another initiative of the foundation was the establishment of TURVAK- Cinema and Television Education Center. Thanks to an outstanding applied edification, TURVAK hereby meets the shortage of qualified personnel in cinema and television industry by introducing professionals both as new screen faces and for behind-the-scenes posts.

As a next step, Inanoglu opened an ever-developing and growing arts library along with Turkey’s one and only Cinema Theatre Museum. Exhibiting unique devices, documents, photographs, posters, accessories and costumes, this unparalleled collection gathering Turkish cinema and theater’s reminiscences of more than one hundred years old, stands as Turker Inanoglu’s mark of loyalty and thankfulness to our country and future generations.

TURVAK Museum’s cinema section came into being in 2001 in Kavacik (Istanbul) while the theater section opened in 2002 at the same location. Since the beginning of 2011 and with further developments, it is relocated to Beyoglu, back to the heart of arts and Turkish cinema. Moreover, TURVAK Cinema and Television Education Center situated in Kavacik since 11 years, has been relocated to Beyoglu as of November 2011.