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İnanoğlu & Television

In the beginning of 1990s, the state television TRT was broadcasting with two channels only but Inanoglu was aware that the transition to private television was forthcoming.

Inanoglu’s Ulusal Video, that expanded the video business, arrayed the country with satellite antennas while getting ready for private television period. Thus, Ulusal Video continued to shoot programs at its own premises that were the first TV studios of the country established by a private institution besides the ones belonging to TRT and the Anatolian University.

Inanoglu ventured forth with the program called “Hodri Meydan” he shot for TRT. Prepared by a large team working under the supervision of famous TV personality Ugur Dundar, “Hodri Meydan” became the first news program prepared by a company other than TRT and attracted tremendous interest.

After the success of “Hodri Meydan”, Turker Inanoglu prepared for TRT the legendary “Bir Baska Gece”. A two-and-a-half-hour long music entertainment program aired once a week, “Bir Baska Gece” was broadcasted for many years.

In times to come, Inanoglu and Erler Film would lead the way for the external production of succesfull and long running television drama and comedy series that would be broadcasted on both TRT and private TV stations that were legalized from then on.

Super Channel Turker Inanoglu’s breakthrough initiatives didn’t seem to end. He established a private TV channel, “Super Kanal” and prepared broadcast packages for local TV stations under the name of Ulke TV. He later transferred his rights in this company due to cost problems. The station continues to broadcast under the name of Dream TV.