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Turker Inanoglu and TURVAK Publications

Inanoglu’s career is full of many colorful and exciting memories about the wonderful and fascinating industry for which he kept producing. This is to such an extent that he felt the need to share all he had accumulated over the years with society.

Turker Inanoglu thus brought into being the “TURVAK Publications” project in order to put to good use his private collections, the countless documents and accumulations filling up the foundation’s archives and the potential of creating hundreds of publications from within.

The first book published was titled “Essays on Cinema and TV” (Sinema-TV Uzerine Denemeler). It was a compilation of his articles published in various newspapers and magazines.

Then came “Mr. Cinema” (Bay Sinema), penned by the competent writer Giovanni Scognamillo. The book that was the product of a 6-year work and based on Inanoglu’s autobiography depicts his personal life and half-century long professional career, drawing the panorama of Turkey’s development in arts, culture, social and technical fields from his own perspective.

The next outcome of TURVAK publications was the unprecedented “Turkish Cinema in 5555 Posters” (5555 Afisle Turk Sinemasi) that was prepared in 2,5 years and is undeniably irreplaceable. Literally a “heavy” work, this 1000-page book weighing 4kg, assembles the posters of almost all movies produced since the beginning of Turkish cinema till the publication of the book in 2004.

The following book published, “The Story of a Foundation” (Bir Vakfın Hikayesi), tells the story of TURVAK with all relevant details including the school, the museum, the archives and the arts library all gathered under the roof of the foundation Inanoglu had established in 1997.

Upon the fiftieth anniversary of Erler Film that continues its operations since 1960 and with plans for the future, Inanoglu published “Erler Film is 50 Years Old” (Erler Film 50 Yasinda) to celebrate this special occasion.

TURVAK Museum hosted devotees of art, culture and cinema for 10 years in its Kavacik premises. Its relocation to Beyoglu, the heart of Turkish cinema, into a building bought and re-designed by Inanoglu, inspired the last TURVAK publication, “Happy Ending – TURVAK Cinema - Theater Museum and Arts Library in Beyoglu” (Mutlu Son – TURVAK Sinema – Tiyatro Muzesi ve Sanat Kitapligi Beyoglu’nda).

“Başlangıcından Bugüne 1914-2018 Afişlerle Türk Sineması” (2018 / 2384 sf.)

“Sinemaya Adanmış Bir / Türker İnanoğlu / Acısıyla Tatlısıyla Yeşilçam Anıları”

Türker İnanoğlu, 85 yılını geçirdiği semt için yazdığı “En Güzel Köy Kanlıca” kitabı ile bir döneme ışık tutuyor.