A 65 year story of business life, enriched with a passion for cinema...

Turker Inanoglu and Celebrities

Inanoglu’s professional career of fifty four years appears to be an artistic parade full of bitter sweet memories. Within all this time, while he relentlessly kept up producing for cinema and television, he met all the notable figures at forefront of film industry and kept close relationships with them. Producers, directors, studio owners, artists –famous or not-, high-ranking figures of the worlds of arts, business and law… All of them became an indispensable part of Turker Inanoglu’s both personal and professional lives.

Turker Inanoglu and Erler Film became a school of cinema and television where lots of famous artists of the days to come took their first steps. Most of today’s top celebrities, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, began their careers with him. Inanoglu’s disciplined but warm approach full of compassion and respect has also played an important role in these relationships. He took care of each of them individually, lended them a hand, solved their problems. With his fatherly and embracing manners, he would subsequently become their “big brother Turker” instead of “Mr. Turker”. If Erler Film may be named as a dervish convent, “big brother Turker” should then be the worldly-wise master dervish.

This ambience of love and respect that exists since more than a half-century will surely last in this way in years to come.

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