İnanoğlu's TV Series

The pioneer of television series in Turkey is the acclaimed Turkish director Halit Refig’s black-and-white production called “Ask-i Memnu” prepared for TRT.

The first color TV series broadcasted on private TV channels is Turker Inanoglu’s “Sevginin Gucu”, which he had produced for Show TV starring famous Turkish movie stars Hulya Avsar and Tarik Tarcan. The series reached very high ratings and broke a record in terms of the commercials received while it was aired.

"Upon the extraordinary success of “Sevginin Gucu”, Show TV requested Inanoglu to produce new series. Inanoglu immediately started to work for this project and produced the 18-episode series “Zirvedekiler”, starring two of the most renowned figures of Turkish cinema, Gulsen Bubikoglu and Cuneyt Arkin. The series that gathered a powerful cast with a substantial production was admired by large audiences.

Inanoglu has thus continued to produce TV series and achieved to be remembered by successful productions that became TV classics with over 100 episodes and created addictions in their audiences.

Sevginni Gücü Tatlı Kaçıklar Parç Pinçik Arka Sokaklar Zirvedekiler Cümbüş Sokak Gurbet Kadını Akasya Durağı Zehirli Çiçek Böylemi Olacaktı İkinci Bahar Aşk Bir Hayal Çiçek Taksi Affet Bizi Hocam Yabancı Damat Cümbüşiye Sibel Cennet Mahallesi