Being A Producer - Director

Turker Inanoglu and Erler Film’s Co-Productions Period

As a successfull producer at foreseeing the future and conscious that film industry shouldn’t stay within his country’s boundaries, Inanoglu boldly and willingly got himself engaged into co-productions in order to expand the reach of his works. He collaborated with his colleagues from other countries and thus enriched his knowledge and experience by meeting various artists and cinematic approaches.

Turker Inanoglu, who thus collaborated with colleagues from Iran, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, France and Spain, carried out over 20 co-productions for which he worked with Erler Film only or with two to three parties.

Topkapı Film Afişi Rusya'dan Sevgilerle Inanoglu, Executive Producer of Foreign Films Shot in Turkey

Besides co-productions targeting foreign markets, Turker Inanoglu took part in international projects by offering through Erler Film executive production services to foreign production companies that shot movies in Turkey. These international productions include “Topkapi” starring famous celebrities, “From Russia With Love” which was one of the first James Bond movies and an episode of the American television series “Love Boat”.