A 65 year story of business life, enriched with a passion for cinema...

A Different İnanoğlu

Those who are not very close to him and who only know his “formal” look, may well assume that he is like this at all times. However, he is totally different in his personal life: More cheerful, humorist, affectionate and fatherly. In other words, he is “a different Inanoglu”. He is fondly devoted to his home, his family and especially his kids. He is excitedly tender towards his only grandson, the son of Ilker Inanoglu. He is philanthropic, sensitive and humanist towards his circle.

His most pleasant journeys and vacations have been the ones he went on with his family. This is also reflected in his filmography. The concept of “family” and the warmth of the family environment may be observed in all of his movies. He knows very well that this is also what is lying beneath the appreciation and sympathy received by his productions. Both his son “Yumurcak” Ilker and his daughter Zeynep have been raised with the same elaboration and taken their place in society as successful individuals in their careers. Inanoglu always refers to them as “his most precious assets in this world” and this is when we can actually see the true and “different” Inanoglu.