Türker İNANOĞLU - Establishments

Erler Film A.Ş.

Erler Film Kuruluş Küpürü

Erler Film, established by Turker Inanoglu on October 6th, 1960, is the oldest film production company still in operation.

Since his first production with Erler Film (“Icimizden Biri” - 1960), Turker Inanoglu and his team have produced 61 black-and-white and 124 color movies, co-produced 20 feature films, shot over 12.000 hours of television programmes and 2.900 episodes of TV series.

Turker Inanoglu and Erler Film have always been pioneering symbols who introduced to our country and thus enabled Turkish people to experience the “firsts” in cinema, video, satellite broadcasting and television.