A 65 year story of business life, enriched with a passion for cinema...

Inanoglu & Turkish Cinema

In 1970s, Turkish cinema faced a serious crisis due to the chaotic environment the country had slided in. After the coup of September 12, 1980 the situation got even worse and the number of both movies produced and movie theaters dropped dramatically as well as the number of viewers itself.

In those troubled days, believing that movie producers should be gathered under one roof, Turker Inanoglu took an active role in the foundation and assumed the first presidencies of “Turkish Filmmakers Association” in 1974, “Fi-Yap / Association of Film Producers” in 1984 and “SE-SAM / Professional Union of Cinema Production” in 1986.

During 16 years of his terms of office, a lot of bids and regulations concerning the improvement of intense criminal censorship policies, the legislation for cinema and the prevention of video piracy came in force enabling Turkish cinema and filmmakers to breathe. Turker Inanoglu’s close relationships with late Turgut Ozal and Mesut Yilmaz as well as the intensive diplomacy efforts he carried out with statesmen and hundreds of congressmen regardless of them being from government or opposition parties, had all have a great impact on the enactment of “Cinema Law” and “Law of Intellectual Property Rights”.

Turker Inanoglu is still the honorary president and the doyen of SE-SAM.